Wedding Music

We love playing for weddings – especially ceremonies and receptions.  Weddings are really enhanced by having carefully chosen music played by experienced musicians.  There’s nothing quite like hearing musical instruments in a Church in particular.  The natural reverb of the building brings an extra special quality to instruments like the mandolin, whistle, flute or violin. 

Below you will find a list of tunes that you can choose for your wedding.  For a traditional Church wedding you may need eight or nine pieces of music.  For civil ceremonies it could be between three and six pieces of music.  We’ve given consideration in the list below to the types of tunes that would normally be acceptable in the Church.  Normally the choice of music is something that will be agreed by the couple in conjunction with the priest who will do the ceremony. 

If you have a piece of music that’s not listed below please let us know.  We are happy to accommodate different pieces and will work with you to get the music just perfect. Please contact us with any queries. 

Bridal Procession/Entrance

The bridal procession music can be a traditional Irish piece such as Inisheer, The Snowy Path, The Lark in the Clear Air or She Moved Through the Fair, or it can be a classical piece such as Wagner's Wedding March or Pachabelle's Canon in D.  Click on the audio link below for examples of bridal procession music.  

Alleluia (Gospel acclamation)

Click on the audio links below for samples of Gospel acclamation music.  

Lighting of the Marriage Candle 

This is one of the shorter pieces of music in the ceremony.  Examples of music include The South Wind or the Dawning of the Day. Click below for a sample of music.


Examples of music for this part of the ceremony include Ag Críost an Síol, Mo Ghile Mear and As I Kneel Before You.